Dead Hot

【編劇】Charlotte Coben
【導演】Sam Arbor / David Sant
【主演】比拉爾·哈斯納 / 薇薇安·奧帕拉 / 佩內洛普·威爾頓 / 彼得·塞拉菲諾威茨
【類型】電視劇 / 喜劇 / 驚悚
Dead Hot《Dead Hot》:Show is set in present-day Liverpool, where twentysomethings Elliot and Jess are best friends united by a bond of grief at losing Peter—the first and only love of Elliot and Jess’ twin brother. When Elliot meets Will, he starts to think he can put the past behind him, but when Elliot learns Will has his own dark secrets, just as Jess is contacted by somebody claiming to be her brother, it sets into motion a determination for the pair to find out if Elliot’s romantically cursed—or being targeted.